CCNA Security – 210-260 IINS passed..

15 05 2016

Passed the 210-260 last weekend. I was obviously pretty happy about this, but, what I was even more happy about was the updated syllabus for the cert.

I would estimate around 30-40% difference in content. The general security concepts (which make the first part of the course pretty dry, depending on whether it’s stuff you’re already pretty familiar with or not), remained, as expected, as did a lot of the details about L2/3 security on Cisco devices.

The major changes were the complete removal of CCP to manage routers (with Zone Based Firewall config); this gave way to Cisco ASA configuration – certainly much more relevant to my role and reflective of industry too. Configuration for the ASA was only via ASDM too; if I remember rightly, this was via the command line in the last syllabus and very basic in comparison.

In addition, the way the course is delivered, via online labs rather than locally hosted equipment (which I had to use, and share last time) is superb.

Catalyst 3750 switch stacking commands

15 05 2012

Installed my 3750 stack recently, and thought I’d record some useful diagnostics commands.

switch#show switch

Shows the members of the stack, their respective MAC addresses and their priority. A higher priority number is better.

switch#show switch stack-ports

Shows the status of the stacking ports. I used this, in combination with swapping cables to diagnose a faulty stacking port on a reconditioned 3750 I purchased.

#show switch stack-ports summary

Shows Port status, cable lengths, link statuses.

#show switch stack-ring speed

Another useful one to verify that stacking cables and ports are working correctly. If there are two cables between switches in a two switch stack, they should be running at 32G / “Full”.

First Cisco device upgrade

17 04 2012

So, read about it plenty of times but never actually done it – until today. Have to say, it’s a hair raising few moments waiting for the device to start booting from the new image but very satisfying when it does. These are the steps I took – no warranty implied, do it at your own risk.

1. Install TFTPD32 on computer, verify upload of file from a Cisco device with known good connectivity

2. Upload the .bin file from the device where the OS is to be upgraded to the TFTP server. This is to ensure that there is a fall-back plan if the new image doesn’t work. It was not possible in this case to store both images at the same time on the switch.

3. Upload the image from the switch with the desired OS version to the TFTP server

4. Delete the old image from the switch to be upgraded.

5. Download the desired image from TFTP to the flash of the to-be-upgraded device

6. Configure the switch to boot from the new image:
Switch(config)#boot system switch all flash:/c3750-imgname.bin
Switch#copy run start

7. Verify the boot variable:
Switch#Show boot

8. Clench, and reload the switch 😉

Thanks CBTNuggets

3 11 2011

Wondering if I was the only one who managed to purchase the 2008 CCNA Voice syllabus video series from CBT Nuggets, on the DAY the 2011 series was released.

Literally must have been the timezone difference that caused it – the 2011 series was not on the site at the time of purchase.

Dropped them a cheeky email explaining the above, and they were happy to remove the 2008 series from my account and add the 2011 series instead – great customer service, thank you CBT Nuggets.