Console access on Dell switches

11 06 2012

As much as I’d prefer for them to be Cisco, some of the switches in HQ are Dell Managed switches. I’ve not really had much experience with them, but as we’re stuck with them for at least another 6 months, I thought I’d take a look, see if I could learn something about them.
First thing that struck me is how similar the command language is – admittedly it’s not as polished though! I’ll post further observations once I get a chance to have a proper look, just wanted to note that a null model cable is required as a console cable – I spent £10 on one from Maplins, as I was in a hurry, but they’re available much cheaper on Amazon.

First Cisco device upgrade

17 04 2012

So, read about it plenty of times but never actually done it – until today. Have to say, it’s a hair raising few moments waiting for the device to start booting from the new image but very satisfying when it does. These are the steps I took – no warranty implied, do it at your own risk.

1. Install TFTPD32 on computer, verify upload of file from a Cisco device with known good connectivity

2. Upload the .bin file from the device where the OS is to be upgraded to the TFTP server. This is to ensure that there is a fall-back plan if the new image doesn’t work. It was not possible in this case to store both images at the same time on the switch.

3. Upload the image from the switch with the desired OS version to the TFTP server

4. Delete the old image from the switch to be upgraded.

5. Download the desired image from TFTP to the flash of the to-be-upgraded device

6. Configure the switch to boot from the new image:
Switch(config)#boot system switch all flash:/c3750-imgname.bin
Switch#copy run start

7. Verify the boot variable:
Switch#Show boot

8. Clench, and reload the switch 😉