CCNA Security – 210-260 IINS passed..

15 05 2016

Passed the 210-260 last weekend. I was obviously pretty happy about this, but, what I was even more happy about was the updated syllabus for the cert.

I would estimate around 30-40% difference in content. The general security concepts (which make the first part of the course pretty dry, depending on whether it’s stuff you’re already pretty familiar with or not), remained, as expected, as did a lot of the details about L2/3 security on Cisco devices.

The major changes were the complete removal of CCP to manage routers (with Zone Based Firewall config); this gave way to Cisco ASA configuration – certainly much more relevant to my role and reflective of industry too. Configuration for the ASA was only via ASDM too; if I remember rightly, this was via the command line in the last syllabus and very basic in comparison.

In addition, the way the course is delivered, via online labs rather than locally hosted equipment (which I had to use, and share last time) is superb.


16 07 2014

Passed the SWITCH quite comfortably on the third attempt on Monday 14th July. Now on to the ROUTE!

My CCNA is already reflecting the new expiry date on the Certification portal – this was previously due to expire in October.

I’ve purchased the Chris Bryant CCNP ROUTE e-book, as I found his SWITCH book incredibly good, and it’s about a quarter of the price of the other books on the market, and more importantly, a much, much easier read, being written in a very casual tone rather than the somewhat stuffy, formal styles associated with Cisco Press etc. I also bought his CCNP SWITCH video series on Udemy, so may well go for the ROUTE equivalent. I already have the CBTNuggets video series for the ROUTE, so I have enough to keep me going.

Aiming to get it passed by the end of the year, although it took 2.5 years to get there with the SWITCH! The fact that all three CCNP exams have to be passed within three years of each other makes this slightly more urgent though.

Check Point Learning materials

3 03 2013

Had to give a mention to eLearnCheckPoint – I’ve been trying for ages to find a decent Check Point book, but this is easier said than done.

The EBooks available on this site have quality, up-to-date info (R75.20 at the time of writing), and are incredibly good value for money, well worth it.

O’Reilly e-books on iPhone 4S

5 04 2012

Anyone else noticed that the O’Reilly e-books available to purchase in the Apple App Store are very prone to crashes on the iPhone 4S?

I have several – ‘Network Security Assessment’, ‘Active Directory’ and ‘Network Warrior’.. And all of them crash when trying to locate a specific section using the slider.

Noticed this when I moved from an iPhone 4 to a 4S.. I guess it could be IOS version related though.

But gutted as they’re really good books.


1 03 2012

Looks like I got in there with my CBT purchases at just the right time (I.e the whole of the last 18 months).. Download packages (as opposed to streaming – much less flexible) seem to start from $499 now, rather than the $299 I paid for most of the packages I’ve bought previously ;(

Not saying they’re not worth it, but it’s a big jump.

Thanks CBTNuggets

3 11 2011

Wondering if I was the only one who managed to purchase the 2008 CCNA Voice syllabus video series from CBT Nuggets, on the DAY the 2011 series was released.

Literally must have been the timezone difference that caused it – the 2011 series was not on the site at the time of purchase.

Dropped them a cheeky email explaining the above, and they were happy to remove the 2008 series from my account and add the 2011 series instead – great customer service, thank you CBT Nuggets.

Passed ICND2

5 10 2011

Took the ICND2 again at the same test centre yesterday, and passed! Score was 860. As preparation, I carried out hours and hours of subnetting, binary conversion and VLSM practise, and was glad I did.

Knowing that time would be my greatest enemy, I had already decided that I would be confident in my answers and move on from each question as quickly as possible, rather than reviewing which I’d normally do. I got a similar VLSM question to one I got last time, quite early on in the test, which I was glad of, and then smashed through the questions as fast as possible.

The switch simulation was very near the end, which was great, because I had lots of time to spare by this point and as it was similar to the last one which I was pretty sure I got right, I was quite confident about the answer.

As NAT / access lists was my weakest area last time, I paid special attention to these in my studies, and was glad I did, achieving 100% on this section compared to 33% last time.

Finally finished with 10 minutes to spare. Had a hairy moment when I clicked “End Exam” in order to get my score without messing around with surveys etc, and the screen skipped straight to the login screen, bypassing the score page!

Practically ran out to reception, worried that I’d ended the process early and lost my score, but fortunately, my score sheet was already being printed. I jumped up and down screaming “yes!” when I saw the pass mark.

So, I strongly advise candidates for this one to know the material very well before taking, and to practise binary conversion, subnetting and VLSM til you’re blue in the face – it’s so important to be able to calculate these quickly during the exam.