70-646 booked

7 04 2011

Booked the 70-646: Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator exam today, for some time round the end of May. Having taken 4 exams between late December and mid-February (and failing two – both the original attempt at the 70-662 and the retake – doh!), I thought it was time to ease the pace.

Already been through my CBTNuggets videos a few times, plan is to go through again more thoroughly, making notes as I go.

I’ll also be making lots of use of my home virtual environment – this is a Dell Optiplex 745 with 8GB RAM and VMWare ESXi – I use the licenses from my personal TechNet subscription for the servers. I’ve already built an Exchange environment on this kit; now I’ll be using it to install the roles and features that the exam tests on. Also got the MeasureUp practise tests for the exam, but sadly there are no learning resources available in the iPhone App Store for the 646.



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