iPad 2 hurry up!

21 04 2011

Decided on a whim that I wanted an iPad 2. This mainly stemmed from the fact that my Iphone 4 doesn’t render the tabular data in the the e-book versions of my learning materials very well, but I’ve also now decided to stick my CBT videos on there too.

The Apple Online store was saying 2 weeks for delivery; the local Apple Store were “getting deliveries daily, call at 9:00 every day to see if we have one” (bollo**s to that), and some joker is selling the 16GB WiFi model, with a retail of £399.99, for £515.99. So I’d almost given up when I checked out PC World, who had them available for delivery in 2-3 days. Thinking this may have been an error I phoned to verify, and had it confirmed that this is indeed the delivery time.

So now I’m sitting at work waiting for DHL to get here – hopefully I won’t have the negative experience of them that several of my colleagues have. Gulp.



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