Rowter on a stick

7 01 2011

No I can spell, promise – the title of this post is a reference to the American way of pronouncing “router” – which I find myself using more and more as a result of listening to my Trainsignal and CBT Nuggets videos for ICND2 đŸ˜‰

Had a great experience experimenting with “router on a stick” using my home Cisco network – in this case, I used the 12 port Catalyst 2950 switch, and a 2811 router.

A few useful points to note for those studying for the CCNA / ICND2.

Originally I tried using a 2600 router with a standard ethernet port – this won’t work with ROAS – you need at least Fast Ethernet (100MB).

Also need to ensure that the switch supports the encapsulation type that you specify on the router. This will be either ISL (Inter Switch Link, the Cisco proprietary protocol), or 802.1q (the industry standard), or both.

Finally, I did get stung by the Windows Firewall being turned on – RoaS was working fine but the firewall on one of the hosts was blocking pings – schoolboy error hehe.



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