3 06 2011

Failed the 70-646 exam that I took last Friday. With a 678, it was pretty close to a pass, but to be fair that’s irrelevant.

I was right to SWOT up on the changes in R2.. the exam is very much focussed on these. The CBT Nuggets video series for the exam is pre-R2, but still very useful.

A major difference to all previously taken exams, although expected as a result of practise tests and checking out exam forums, was the testlets.

I had 5-6 of these in the exam and the major difference is the time constraint.. You get 20 minutes for a 5 question testlet and 23 mins for a 6 question one. Although this was enough to answer the questions and check them over, you can’t go back once you’ve proceeded past the test let.

This added pressure to the overall experience. My test started off with 3-4 of them, followed by 22 standard format questions, and then another 2-3 of them.

I think the added pressure was a good thing.. this is a PRO level exam and it should be a step above the standard TS format.

I’ve already book a re-take, which is in a weeks time. This won’t be at the same test centre, something which i’m not exactly gutted about, as per my last post. Planning on hitting the study hard, and hopefully killing it this time round!



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