CCENT Training

27 08 2010

Thought I’d write about my study techniques for the Cisco CCENT which I recently passed.

My other certifications consist of the A+, which I studied for purely with a book and experience (Sybex), and the MCSA, which I went on a bootcamp for (that was hardcore..)

For my CCENT, I started off with a book [title / publisher to come]. This included the usual practise exams on CD, and also the Boson network simulator. Within a few minutes of trying that (it was a heavily nobbled version), I purchased the full version from the Boson web site.

Shortly after, I purchased the Train Signal CCNA Computer Based Training package – this is by Chris Bryant, and is split up in to the ICND1 and ICND2 parts. I concentrated heavily on the ICND1 videos, supplemented by some of the ICND2 videos where I thought they’d help.

After several months of listening (I put the videos on my mobile, and mostly listened to them whilst walking to work), I convinced my boss to free some budget for purchasing some Cisco hardware.

For this I researched online, and found the best switch and router models to work on when studying for the CCNA. I had found by this point that the CCENT version of the Boson simulator was pretty restricted, only supporting commands on the CCENT syllabus. It’s probably false economy to buy just the CCENT version – I’d recommend at least the CCNA version.

The day before my exam, I purchased Chris Bryants Ultimate CCNA Study package. This basically contains the content of the TrainSignal videos that I’d already bought, but there are lots of practise subnetting questions – these are worth the money alone.

So that’s all of my study sources – I’ll now make new posts for each source with a review and usefulness rating.



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