Thanks a bunch, Measure Up!

11 09 2011

So, got the ICND2 exam on Tuesday, and thought I’d buy the online practise tests from Measure UP as I’ve done for numerous exams previously.

Imagine my disappointment when I logged in to my “Learning Locker”, after having added the ICND2 practise tests to my Basket, when I saw that I had to download Silverlight to proceed. This is not compatible with iPad, iPhone or even the full blown Mac OSX.

The thing I liked most about Measure Up was the fact that I could access the practise tests from a number of platforms – my work desktop, laptop, iPad2 and even iPhone (although this was pushing the boundaries due to the screen size).

Now, I was forced to boot my PC just to write a complaint to them. I will be looking for alternatives now, but I fear that there may not be any. I’d quite possible rather go without than have my hand forced with regards the platform I use.