CCNP SWITCH Re-booked..

17 03 2014

.. for the 31/3. Gulp.

Wisdom from a potential supplier

21 02 2014

So I get a call, in which the salesman is trying to get me to start using his company, and one of his questions is ‘did you know Windows XP is going out of support soon?’.

My response? ‘Anyone in IT who doesn’t know that doesn’t deserve to work in IT’.

Made me chuckle.

It’s since taken two days and counting to get a quote on a bunch of monitors! Guess I’ll be swerving these guys then.


21 02 2014

Ended up taking and failing the SWITCH in November.

I wasn’t too disappointed with the score; although I’d swatted up on, and gained experience with, the core technologies tested, I fell down due to a lot of questions on what I’d consider pretty niche features.

My current revision is focused on learning these features. I reckon the retake will end up being some time in March.

CCNP SWITCH Exam Booked for August

24 06 2013