Certified Ethical Hacker passed

31 03 2015

Passed my certified Ethical hacker exam a few weeks ago 🙂

This is a subject that I am very interested in -before the course I bought and read a few books, and watched a couple of CBT training series that were available on Udemy.

Since the course, I’ve been working to further familiarise myself with the tools of the trade – Nmap, Metasploit and a few others. I have a VMWare environment with bunch of VMs to play with.

I’m going to persue Ethical Hacking further, by doing the ‘Penetration Testing with Kali Linux’ course and aiming to achieve the associated ‘Offensive Security Certified Professional’ certification. This seems great – you achieve the cert by having to hack your way as far as you can through a sandboxed network, in the Offensive Security ‘Lab’ environment – what a fantastic way to prove your knowledge.

The purpose behind all of this is not to become an ethical hacker, but to help defend the networks I manage.


Happy SysAdmins Day 2014

25 07 2014

This one coincides with ‘early finish Friday’ at my company, which happens on the last Friday of each month.. We get to leave at 16:00 if we choose, instead of 17:30.

I normally ask my team to work their usual hours so that we can practise DR procedures.

However, I’m going to give us a month off this time round in honour of SysAdmin Day 😉

NTP on Cisco WAPs

24 07 2014

Found that I was unable to configure NTP on my Cisco Aironet 1250’s in the same way I had on my switches as per here

I was, however, able to configure the timezone and BST settings.

I thought it strange that I could set that but not an NTP server.

A quick bit of digging uncovered the fact that the WAPs need ‘SNTP’ (Simple Network Time Protocol) servers to be configured, instead of ‘NTP’ servers. The difference being that a device configured to use SNTP can only be a client, not a server.

So the configuration becomes:

#sntp server x.x.x.x

The timezone and BST settings are identical.


29 04 2014

Failed the SWITCH exam again in March, this time having had a couple of days study leave. My score was *much* closer to the pass mark this time though, which was some consolation.

Booked again for the next month or so!