Linux Certs

21 03 2016

I decided to study for the LPI L1 certification, to truly round out my certifications.

I’d had a CBT Nuggets series and a book for some time, but had prioritised Cisco certifications, with a slight detour for the Certified Ethical Hacker.

I bought a series by Jason Cannon from the fantastic (always wait for one of their frequent sales rather than buying full price), which is superb, but doesn’t cover some content in the depth required by LPI. It’s not tied to the LPI exam syllabus, so not necessarily surprising.

So I also went with a monthly subscription from This works out at £21 per month, and has lots of Linux related content, as well as AWS, Openstack and DevOps related material.

A fantastic feature is the ‘Server Lab’ feature, which allows you to spawn up new Linux servers in less time than it takes in AWS! There’s little barrier to building your own Linux server, but, this feature is great for very quick, effort-free respawning.

I gave myself about six weeks to study, and found that LPI also have the ‘Linux Essentials’ certificate. This is a cut down version of the LPI L1, and has a massive amount of content cross over.

Although it’s a ‘certificate’ and not technically a certification apparently – there is no Job Task Analysis associated with it, and it doesn’t expire.. I decided to book it on the same day as the LPI L1.
The nearest test centre in terms of travel time is 50+ miles away, so I thought I may as well. I booked it as the second exam.

I completed the first exam in about 50 minutes, and passed pretty comfortably, and opted to go for the second after a 20 minute break – it should technically have been about two hours but I was able to start early. I was out within 25 minutes from that, with a decent score.

If anything, some of the questions from the Essentials were harder than those on the LPI.

I now need to study for the LPI L1 exam. 2, in order to be LPI certified. That’s got much less familiar content, including MySQL, scripting and more, so should be fun!

I then have another detour in the form of the CCNA Security, before moving back to the CCNP, for the ROUTE exam.

Overall a productive day! Onwards!



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