New laptop – Samsung NC110P

14 12 2012

Ordered a new netbook today. I thought my iPad 2 did away with the need for a netbook, which are admittedly going out of fashion (I couldn’t find any models in the PC World / Currys branch in town – I have remote access and network diagnostics and monitoring apps installed on it and I make use of the Kindle and iBooks apps for EBooks, and watch my CBT videos on there.

But there is a very specific plan for this.. Installing Back Track Linux for use as my Pen Testing box, something the iPad is not suited to.

It has an HDMI port, dual core CPU, 1GB RAM (soon to be upgraded to 2GB), wireless-N, and a 320GB HDD.

Ordered it from Amazon, on next day delivery, it’s due tomorrow. I’ve already burnt the Back Track ISO to DVD in anticipation!

Can’t wait 😉



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