CCNP Training materials

5 10 2012

Decided to pursue the CCNP, starting off with SWITCH. This is much more relevant to my current job than ROUTE. To this end, I’ve so far purchased an online course from Career Match UK (, which was a cool Groupon deal – £99 instead of about £1200. I’ve seen this in my Groupon offers a few times, so it will probably feature again. Although I haven’t got far through it yet, I’ve still had much less enthusiasm for it than for offline-CBT, purely because of convenience. This one uses Flash and requires an internet connection, *much* less convenient than video files that can be put on a phone / tablet.

I’ve also just puchased the Boson Netsim for CCNP. This covers all three exams, so is a worthwhile investment – I got a £50 discount too, due to the fact I bought their CCENT product a few years back. Bargain.

Will put some feedback for both up once I’ve used them a bit longer.



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