VMWare migration

6 09 2010

Migrated a Virtual machine using vConverter from an ESX3.5 host to an ESX4.1 host, and got the following error upon attempting to boot the machine:

CPU min outside valid range

This prevented the machine from booting.

According to the VMWare Knowledge Base, this issue “… occurs when the CPU reservation of a virtual machine is greater than the total CPU available on a single processor.”

Check the CPU reservation settings on the source machine: Right-click on the VM –> Edit settings –> Resources

I did this with my source machine, and saw that the CPU reservation had been configured manually (as opposed to being set to “unlimited”, for example).

To fix, I carried out the migration again (this is a live server, so the data on it is changing constantly – therefore the machine has to be re-copied each time), and manually changed the CPU reservation to an acceptable value.

Job done.



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