Just brought *a lot* of my network down..

27 08 2010

.. by changing the port mode of a Cisco switch that was connected to a Dell switch to trunk mode from access.. fixed immediately by restoring the port config from backup (gotta love right-click to Paste in Tera Term ha ha).

Restored the port config from backup and everything was working again very quickly.. this is what 19:00 on a Friday (non working hours) is all about! Hehe. Only problem is, not got a serial cable to hand to connect to the Dell switch to try to work out the config there.

Needless to say, I’ve asked for budget for Cisco switches to replace the Dells next year ; )

Full write up in the next few days – I was in the middle of a great “walking the network” session to diagnose a duplicate IP, reported by one of my switches to a Kiwi syslog server I’ve set up at the time.

This is exactly what I started this blog for (well, not specifically to break stuff, but to write about my findings when stuff does break, and show how I fixed it) – amazing ; )




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